Corporate Communications And Branding Lead

Morning Shift

Job Description:

  • As an SBT Communication and Branding Lead, you will be working on building the company’s image, communicate with internal and external audiences to maintain a positive reputation in the industry, and bridge the gap between employees and management.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead, develop and establish a brand strategy and determine how to incorporate this strategy in the company's communications as per the organizational objectives in partnership with the OD & marketing teams
  • Build a strong brand identity, while ensuring that internal and external communication is aligned
  • Define the employer branding strategy while understanding the needs of new comers and business wide initiatives in collaboration with the OD & marketing teams
  • Ensure the participation of the organization in social corporate event and represent the company in person
  • Participating in the creation and enforcement of our employer branding strategy, building a recognizable brand for SBT
  • Ensuring that a consistent, desirable message is conveyed through the company's communications channels
  • Training sales or company communications employees so that they understand the brand message and how to emphasize it in their communications
  • Working in close coordination with the IT and digital marketing team to ensure that company websites and social platforms are maintained and updated with appropriate information
  • Effectively develop a brand image for SBT that is appealing to stakeholders and target market and helps in increasing web traffic and expand our reach
  • Taking care of SBT’s presence in the Service industry
  • Ensuring yourself as a true partner of the business and the wider branding team taking initiatives and optimizing within the local market
  • Be the trusted advisor to Talent Acquisition leaders to develop and execute local strategies that closely align with TA goals and priorities
  • Manage the candidate experience of potential and future hires, leveraging use of technology to engage and nurture potential talent, including improving application experience for SBT job seekers to help drive better conversion rates
  • Engage with the talent team, and collaborate to develop relevant materials and information to help optimize the hiring process while building recruitment brand equity
  • Preparing visuals and marketing materials - in cooperation with designers and marketing,
  • Be deeply familiar with marketing best practices, drip and engagement campaign strategy, social channel landscape, and measuring for success

Qualification & Experience:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • A minimum of 4 to 6 years’ experience in a similar role

Key Benefits:

  • Market competitive salary package
  • Fast paced learning environemnt
  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance & Pay continuity
  • Provident Fund & EOBI

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