Senior Finance Executive

Morning Shift

  • Facilitate the concerned Departments in the budgeting activity through provision of actual expenditure details;
  • Assist the budgeting team in the preparation of budget variance analysis through provision of the account head-wise actual expenditure details and reports;
  • Perform and supervise, as the case may be, all period-end activities to ensure the period-end financial statements accurately reflect the results of the Company’s activities;
  • Review fixed asset register entries and check correct recording is made in fixed assets register;
  • Review addition and disposal of assets request as per Company policy;
  • Review the depreciation schedule / working for fixed assets as per policy;
  • Oversee physical verification exercise of the fixed assets of Company and prepare verification report;
  • Verify the Journal Vouchers, Payment Vouchers and Petty Cash Vouchers based on expense / vendor payment summary received from Accountant;
  • Ensure that all requests for payments received by Department are supported by appropriate supporting documents such as approved Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Quotations and comparative statements and vendor invoice and GRN / delivery challan etc.
  • Ensure expenditures are charged to Departments / SBUs as per the approved cost allocation methodology;
  • Identify adjusting entries to be posted in general ledger at the end of each month;
  • Prepare bank reconciliation statement as per defined timeline for each bank account of the Company on a monthly basis;
  • Prepare statements regarding the outstanding balances of the payables on a monthly basis;
  • Prepare ledgers and sub-ledgers reconciliation with General Ledger; examine accounting transactions to ensure accuracy and correctness and rectify the financial records as necessary; 
  • Prepare the expense / vendor payment summary specifying vendor details, department details, budget availability and utilization till date;
  • Prepare salary sheet based on verified staff movement detail;
  • Prepare department wise payroll reconciliation of current month with the previous month;
  • Verify the withholding tax calculations prepared by Accountant. Prepare all withholding tax statements and ensure timely submission of tax deducted with revenue authorities; 

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